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Pamela Little Counseling helps individuals, couples and families resolve conflicts, improve relationships, and relieve family and work-related stress.

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Personal Counseling

Individuals seek personal counseling for many different reasons.

I help people deal with issues ranging from work or family stress, depression, marriage or relationship problems, anxiety and panic attacks to career issues and grieving.

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Families seek counseling for a variety of problems. Issues may include separation or divorce, communication problems, conflict, parenting, financial stress and many others.

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Stress Counseling

While stress is a natural part of life, too much stress - or an inability to cope with stress - can cause physical as well as emotional problems.

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Pamela Little
License# 00204

About Pamela Little

Hi, I'm Pam Little.

I know conflict, workplace stress, anxiety, depression, marital discord, family relationships and many other issues can be difficult to work through ... especially on your own.

Deciding on a counselor can be difficult - especially if this is your first time to seek help with a problem.

In many cases, working with an experienced, qualified counselor can help you resolve your problems and help you lead a happier and more productive life.

You can rest assured, I'm here to listen and to help.

I hold a Master's Degree in clinical social work and am a Licensed Independent Social Worker in the state of Iowa. And for over three decades I've helped people of all ages and walks of life successfully clarify and resolve personal and professional issues.

For more information on how I can help you, please contact my office at (757) 782-2179, Request an Appointment, or Email Pamela Little Counseling today.