Hey! I'm Robbie Hunt.

I'm a Game Designer in Arkansas! I make fun experiences - from desktop, to tabletop, and anything in between!

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These are the elements and principles that I bring to all of my games:


I keep my games simple and straightforward by shortening the time a player has to invest to get to the fun.


I believe that play enhances our connection to the world we live in and the people we share it with.


Games should be worthwhile regardless of the coutcome. My games are as fun and rewarding to play as they are to win!

Here's some stuff I made recently.


Honor Bound

A quick to play game where lying is the main mechanic. If you lie you slowly lose honor, but to play honorably leaves you open to counterattack - learn to read your opponent and stay unpredictable!

(312) 288-0399

(303) 313-8753

This is a real-time mobile browser game created for the 2016 Mini Maker Faire in Little Rock. Players are sorted into teams and can capture territory with virtual paint!


This is a mobile browser game in development, there are three main characters with different abilities that are unlocked by scanning QR codes.

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